San Rocco Wine Jars

The birth of the project

The project that sees the participation of:

  • Terrecotte San Rocco as a manufacturer and artisan producer
  • A team of experienced enologists
  • A team of experts in Tuscany clays and their processing

All these forces and competences guide the project in the realization of products with high added value in the dress of wine containers suitable for fermentation and vinification.

The Mission: Between Innovation and Tradition

Innovation and continuous improvement recovering the tradition is the mission of San Rocco Wine Jars.

To be able to offer the market products for the fermentation and vinification phases, supporting the oenological activities of the winery and the professionals who work there.

The Anphoras

The San Rocco Wine Jars amphorae are made with Tuscany natural clay.

The production process,thanks to continuous experimentation, has led to the definition of a wide range of combinations suitable for the most demanding oenologists.

Porosity, breathability and closure are thus effectively combined in order to respond effectively to the demands of win makers.