Wine Jar Model Calice

Wine Jar Calice

Design by Giorgio Giorgi

Modern shape with references to the classical tradition. Its upward development makes it majestic and at the same time light and elegant.

Size and finishing of the model Calice

Item Material Porosity Capacity
Maximum Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (Kg)
WJ 300 520 Terracotta Intermediate 520 915 1450 140
WJ 301 520 Terracotta Low
WJ 302 520 Ceramic Zero
WJ 300 750 Terracotta Intermediate 750 915 1850 200
WJ 301 750 Terracotta Low
WJ 302 750 Ceramic Zero

Amphorae porosity

Intermediate Porosity

Low Porosity

Zero Porosity (Ceramic)

Fermentation and vinification in Terracotta

The container is designed and tested for controlled transpiration and correct oxygenation of the wine.

Refinement and preservation in Ceramics

The container is designed and tested to maintain over time the organoleptic properties of the content, without any kind of conferral.

Possibility to customize the external finish

Terracotta Amphorae

Color Fango

Color Caffè

Color Corda

Any variations in colour and size are due to the craftsmanship and the raw material used for our products.

Ceramic Amphorae

Customizations are possible on request.


Wide range of accessories available on request: Drains, wine tasting, pedestals.