Wine Jar Model Uovo

Wine Jar Uovo

Design by Giorgio Giorgi

Innovative design for shape and functionality. its geometry has the advantage of making the breathing of the internal product regular and circular.

Size and finish of the amphora model Uovo

Item Material Porosity Capacity
Maximum Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (Kg)
WJ 400 540 Terracotta Intermediate 540 910 1200 135
WJ 401 540 Terracotta Low
WJ 402 540 Ceramic Zero
WJ 400 750 Terracotta Intermediate 750 910 1580 180
WJ 401 750 Terracotta Low
WJ 402 750 Ceramic Zero

Amphorae porosity

Intermediate Porosity

Low Porosity

Zero Porosity (Ceramic)

Fermentation and vinification in Terracotta

The container is designed and tested for controlled transpiration and correct oxygenation of the wine.

Refinement and preservation in Ceramics

The container is designed and tested to maintain over time the organoleptic properties of the content, without any kind of conferral.

Possibility to customize the external finish

Terracotta Amphorae

Color Fango

Color Caffè

Color Corda

Any variations in colour and size are due to the craftsmanship and the raw material used for our products.

Ceramic Amphorae

Customizations are possible on request.


Wide range of accessories available on request: Drains, wine tasting, pedestals.